Whats your favortie french fry?

I am in quest to find the best french fry and I need your help. I will go anywhere from the dive bar to your five star restaurant. Please leave a comment of a place that you think has great french fries that I should visit.

10 Responses to “Whats your favortie french fry?”

  1. Camp Washington Chili has fries that I think pretty good. Pasquale’s in Bellevue, KY has some pretty good classic crinkle cut fries… but if you go during lunch, be ready for a wait. There is usually a line out the door. I also like the potato wedges from Buffalo Wild Wings. Ask for cajun spice if you want a little more kick.

    I am a big fan of cheese fries as well. Dixie Chili has waffle fries with cheese. Crossroads Bar in White Oak has Waffle Bacon Cheese fries that are awesome.

  2. Chicago Gyro’s.


    White Castle (but you gotta add salt).

    Terry’s Turf Club.

    I’ll add more as I think of it.

  3. Do they have to be from a restaurant? My favorite fries are Kroger brand frozen “Crispy Stix” fries.

    • They dont have to be from a restaurant for your favorite. But there are a lot more factors when making home french fries…. How old is your oil? What type of oil are you using? How long you leave them in a cooker or on the pan. Even if you bake them. Which I did for a year.

  4. You have to try Cock n’ Bull in Main Strasse, they are the best. Also, if you want to expand your horizons, try the sweet potato fries at Grandview Tavern in Crescent Springs.

  5. although I did just watch your show and am wanting you to get better, I do have to say that the best BEST fries in Rochester, Minnesota are from Snappy Stop. Snappy Stop is a drive through only (no sit down area) restaurant here in town, there are two in Rochester. Now that being said, I am praying for you and an improved quality of life! Good luck and just take it day by day.

    • Just to let you know, the show was taped over a year ago and since the show I have changed my diet. I now only eat French fries once a week. I have tried some new things but nothing really works. I now focus on cereals and simple things like that.

      • Hey, I just saw your segment on Freaky Eaters. Keep it up! You can do it!!! 🙂 Personally, I like Buffalo Wild Wings’ fries. 😉

  6. Rally’s!!!

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