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To all fry cookers

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on February 14, 2011 by The Daily Fry

watch the video here “Deep fryer”

I have seen lots of different deep fryers over the years. This one tops the list with the self lifting basket.  It makes perfect french fries every time. Why doesn’t every fast food place have this. You may think yeah whoop t do it lifts the basket. Well it is the end of over done or under done fries. Ever go through the drive through past midnight? It always seems the fries are either over or under done. It all because of human error. They leave the fries in the hot oil even though its beeping away for them to take it out of the grease. This causes bad french fries. Yeah I know they have two workers and can’t make it to the deep fryer on time, so why not have one of these bad boys. Your customers would be a lot more satisfied. Just a thought.