I have been plagued with this eating disorder. Most people call it picky eating. Cant be I say. I recently saw a show on nightline about my exact condition. Its called food neophobia (fear of food). I love the way pizza smells but I can’t eat it. I will begin to gag if I try it. To put it in perspective it would be like you eating a gross bug… you would gag. My diet consists of very little things. I can count them on my hand. That’s how bad it is. So one of the foods on my list of things on my diet is French fries. Everyone seems to always ask me who has the best fries.  So I finally decided to create this blog to let everyone know who makes the best french fries. I judge the fries on taste, appearance, warmth, saltiness, quantity, and service.I will look far and in between. If you know of a place that has great french fries let me know I will go check them out.

Here is a link about Food neophobia.


Some other great links to check out are:


In the recent weeks I have started to eat some other foods besides french fries. I was able to do this with the help of JJ Virgin and Dr. Dow. They had me take some tests and found out that I am a super taster. A super taster is basically I have more taste buds than the normal person. Which wigs out my tongue. Along the process I have tried many foods. Some that I can eat some that I can not. one average I have to try foods 30-40 times before I will even like them. I have tried all kinds of foods from carrots to beef jerky. Most of them I still gag on when they hit my bitter taste buds, but it is a work in progress.

I wanna say thank you Dr. Mike Dow and JJ Virgin. You both have helped tremendously.


PS if you ever want to try to skateboarding again my doors are always open.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    I just saw you on the freaky eaters show. It was very interesting so I just had to track down your blog. Congrats on trying new foods, hope you continue to keep blogging!

  2. I am so glad you are trying new foods. You are very brave. I found you from Freaky Eaters. I hope things are still going well.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hey, i saw the freaky eaters show too, couldnt help but notice they said you had only eaten friest once since you saw the doctors? when did that happen?

  4. I have a brother who is 21 and has eating habits similar to you. He eats french fries, peanut butter sandwiches, milk and not much else. I am so afraid that his health will fail him if this continues. He has been this way for as long as I can remember and I cannot say when the last time he went to the Dr. I hope to introduce him to your blog so he knows he is not alone and that he can still change his diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    • I have kits available one my blog to find out if he is a super taster too. From the sounds of it I am sure cause that’s super close to what I was able to eat minus the bread.

  5. Chirelle McCorley Says:

    Hello Eric,

    I just saw the Freaky Eaters episode so I looked you up. Maybe you can do an update blog and talk about the new foods that you eat or how the show has helped. i would love to read about it!



  6. Robbie Boudreaux Says:

    I watched your show last night and I have your exact diet! i eat a few more things than you do, but for the most part….fries! i’m 33 and still haven’t found the courage to try new stuff. Last year a friend made me try ONE new thing a month! i did 2 months and haven’t tried another thing since! but they’re big goal was to get me to eat meat!

    like you, i need to start on something closer to a fry! you have my email address now, so let me know how the tasting of new foods is going and if you have any advice on new stuff you have tried and “like” that i might be able to eat too! also, would love to get a hold of the supertaster kits! let me know how i can get one from you or whoever sells them!

    looking forward to talking to you!

    • Robbie,

      The only meat I can eat is bacon. They made it look super easy to just eat everything but in reality it still is super hard to find a new food I can eat. To this day I really try to eat fires only once a week. I can eat a lot more fruit now like pineapples and peaches but only from a can. The sweeter the better. Also I do have the super taster kits on this blog see the page off to the right to order yourself one.


      • Robbie Boudreaux Says:

        I’ve tried bacon a few times and just don’t like it! it’s funny b/c i love the smells of most foods and wished i ate them, but just can’t! you know the feeling!

        watching the show last night, it was liking watching myself on tv! all my friends and family have just accepted my eating habits but anytime someone new comes around, it’s like starting over again with having to explain what i eat! but i’ve made it this far in life….

        thanks for the info, i’ll check back to read what you have to say!

        i’ll definitely order the kits!

      • Some smells do the same for me. Like Pizza, well certain pizza. Sometime when I smell pizza it makes my mouth water. But yet I still can not find one I like. Once I found out that I am a super taster a lot more things made since. I can not even drink beer, but mix drinks I can. The specialist said I will have to try something 30-60 times before I even start gagging. Which sucks. I will post more here soon on what I have found to like.

  7. Saw you on the show too. The skating caught my attention first, then the blogging since I’m a designer/marketer.

    Good luck in all things.

    Mike Z
    Mind Marketing

  8. I saw you on the TLC show and I must say that until that show I never Knew that some people have super sensitive taste buds that can cause some freaky eating behaviors. I am glad that you are having some success with new foods after the help from the show and I wish you and your family good luck on your journey.

  9. Hey French Fry Guy! Saw you on freaky eaters and heard you mention your blog. So I decided to pause the show and google you so I can stalk your blog!

    I’m gonna watch the rest of the show now. 🙂 Cool Blog!

  10. Just saw you featured on the show, and of course am wondering how you are progressing. I was really impressed at how open you were to trying new things. Best wishes to you and your family!

    • I have really really tried to only eat fries once a week. The show help a very small amount. one week of treatment doesn’t help anyone. But all is on the up and up.

  11. I saw you on the show and was impressed with how open you are to trying new things–especially since you have only eaten fries for such a great length of time. Best wishes to you and your family!

  12. Michelle C Says:

    Hi, i’m with mixed emotions typing this. I just saw The Picky Eating show and my heart hurts for you. I too am a Supertaster and fries have always been my go to food. I’m glad you were willing to do the show. I’m pretty agitated at the “experts” and how they acted, more specifically JJ. If a family was doing an intervention for an alcoholic they probably would get the best acceptance to change from a former alcoholic “expert”. Otherwise anyone else just sounds prideful or condescending. And supertasters have dealt with those negative types for a long time. Also 1 week therapy? Come on! Alcoholics get a sponsor and have a 12 step program and still have trouble kicking the habit! I’m glad Super-Tasters was brought up and brought to light. But sad you didn’t get more and better help. A lot of the time we need to know “how” to do something. (((Hugs))). If you’ve blogged elsewhere about this please let me know! The supertasters need to help each other!

    • I was upset also that they didn’t do more than a week of help.. Not really help. They were just there to record it for TV sake. They could of done something more. Like you said one week doesn’t fix the problem. I have not blogged anywhere else. Thanks for responding. The more people know about this problem the better we all can be.

  13. I just watched your “Freaky Eaters” episode and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I have an addiction to food in general and seeing you making such amazing strides has really inspired me to seek out help with my compulsive eating disorder. I look forward to hearing more about your journey. Thanks again!

    • Kristen,

      The show was a great journey. I have changed my diet a lot. I only eat french fries once a week now. I change my diet to what I ate as a kid peanut butter crackers and cereal. I really have not found other food I can truly eat.

  14. wordart2012 Says:

    As many others did, I saw the episode featuring your story on Freaky Eater. I have one thing to say–You’re wearing that hat well! Not many people can pull it of, but you sure are! Also, thanks for being so open and willing to share your story. God bless you!

  15. I do have one question, Eric, as a fellow French fries lover and blogger (http://www.frenchfrydiary.blogspot.com), why did you stop updating your blog here? Was it because you aren’t eating fries that often any more?

  16. J stafford Says:

    Hey Eric, I just watched your episode on freaky eaters. I have had an extremely anxious life and I know how hard it is to try things you don’t feel comfortable doing. My anxiety does not have anything to do with food but with health and social disorders. I just wanted to reach out and say keep it up there is nothing like overcoming your fears. Not even French fries!

  17. Saw you on FE. Loved that you’re a fellow skater. After watching the show,I decided that I eat too much red licorice and I’m gonna try to quit now. Thanks for the inspiration, Eric

  18. Krista Nicole Says:

    My friend and I saw you on freaky eaters and wanted to look you up. Finally we did and now we just wanted to say that we are really glad you made a healthy choice even though were 13.

  19. Saw you on that show lol and had to see your blog. Actually explains a lot about my hubby who can only eat poorly seasoned rice and chicken. We bought some of those PTC test strips and found out he’s a super taster! Anyways, Wishing you the best of luck in your journey!

  20. Hi, just watched FE and wondered how things were coming along for you.
    I have had an aversion to green food most of my life, and it’s only in the last few years we realized that the worst ones I shouldn’t have anyway, due to my thyroid disease. Plus, it just tastes bad. People still think I’m weird.
    Hope things are slowly improving for you.

  21. Congratulations on your journey of new foods. It takes stren5 to cone up against something and conquer it. Bon appetite.

  22. Hey, Eric! Just re-watched your episode of Freaky Eaters (My favorite episode personally) and I was just checking out the blog seeing if you still posted here. It’s been a while but I thought it couldn’t hurt to drop a comment and see if you were still checking. If so how have you and your eating habits been?

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