Maloney’s pub


Maloney’s is a westside classic. Your typical neighbourhood bar. We went here pretty late and to our surprise they were still serving food so I got some fries. They came out really quick and were supper hot. They are your classic krinkle cut french fries. They were a little under done but besides that they were fairly good. I give them a 7 out of 10.

Maloney’ Pub

408 Greenwell Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

28 Responses to “Maloney’s pub”

  1. Hey man! just saw your show on TLC had to find this blog, LOL its awesome. You need to put some google adsense on here, and make some money off the blog – and blow it up.. get more traffic and monetize! You also should snatch up a .com domain like or whatever is available. You seem like a BA person, so if you want free hosting with WordPress set up and a free .com domain.. just holla I’ll hook you up. Make some money off blogging! Take advantage of the free publicity by TLC.. hope they paid you good to 🙂


  2. Matt your an opportunistic fat cat. I like you have saw the TLC special and came here to see if he was still eating fries. You came here to try to set up some sort of partnership to gain wealth from his eating habit. Go find someone else to mooch off.


  3. Hey there friend. Just saw a rerun of the show. Raised a few questions for me. You obviously have an intense gag reflex, and I was wondering…Is it hard for you to consume alcohol? Or, do you just force it down some how? If so, I commend you, and we should throw down sometime! What about cannabis? It seem to help “my friends” with digestion. Just food for thought.

  4. rebecca Says:

    i just saw your show as well and i hope that u stuck with the help they gave u.dont get me wrong i love french fries but there are soo many foods out there that are just as amazing. keep exploring the culinary world!!

    • You are correct there are many foods out there. But the problem is that I am a super taster and cause I physical reaction to foods. Which they really didnt cover so well in the show. I cant even eat bread. But I am still trying from time to time.

      • I thought it was ridiculous how they kept trying to push cheese on you at various times. Some people just dislike cheese ffs.

      • They really never pushed anything on me. I was the one that went and helped pick some of the food out for the show. I got three different types of cheese. I wanted to try something new!

      • Steely Dan Says:

        You know pretzel is a bread.

      • Haha ah, ok. Although watching it, it appeared as though it was always like, “Well the cheese didn’t work out for you…so how about..cheese!?” (or pizza with cheese).

        Good to know, and best of luck to you.

  5. Hi Eric. I just saw your piece on “Freaky Eaters” and loved it and love you man. Your food addiction is totally understandable (cuz who dudn like fries ya know?) and so much less harmful than say, eating couch cushions! Anyway, you seem to be a pretty fit guy with normal weight so I guess it could be worse, you just need some more protein, fiber and micronutrients. Have you ever thought about taking the fry up a notch? For example, what about sweet potatoes fried in extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic and cayenne pepper? There’s all kinds of cool things you can do with food. Dude, you could totally be eating fries all the time and just make them better ! Have you ever tried fried yucca root? Tastes just like a freakin’ potato only with more fiber and nutrients and lower on the glycemic index. Seriously consider olive, safflower or canola oil. Try making “fries” out of peppers, mushrooms, squash and other vegetables. You being a super taster might just wind up with a career as a foodie!! Anyway, love ya’ bro. Hope all is well.

  6. I saw you on TLC. Good luck over coming your addiction.

    I think its cool you blog about french fries. Don’t stop blogging.

    All the best,


  7. Hey, I also saw your show on TLC!
    I awas thinking about different foods that you might like and I think that eating crunchy things like apples would be good too!
    Also, out here in California jicama is very popular. They eat it in Mexico and it is cut like fries, white, crunchy, healthy, and virtually tasteless. I find it at Whole Foods, precut.
    I kept wondering why they offered you cheese so often, when it is not that healthy and super stinky!!! I can only imagine if I were in your shoes….
    anyway GOOD LUCK!

  8. try cheese its good luck

  9. i meant to say CHEESE ITS like the cracker… anyway good luck

  10. Hi,
    How is it humanly possible to live with no source of protein for so many years? Do you eat beans or peanut butter? I wish you good luck and good health. I am trying to eliminate french fries from my diet but I love them too much.

  11. I wish you the very best. I’m a “freaky eater” too – though I hate that term. I can only drink one certain type of smoothie and liquids. Solid food makes me gag and throw up. I’d love to get help for my eating issue as I have some serious health issues. I don’t know where to find a good nutritionist or eating disorder specialist. I hope you continue to eat new foods. Best of health to you.

  12. Elder Frymaster Says:

    It’s all good. On the west side, wash down with some Hudy and a big helping of a private high school education. Go Fry Guy!

  13. Off your blog topic keep at the attempts I know it’s hard I have a pretty bad sugar habit which lead to diabetes and obesity so I can relate. Just try to make those little changes everyday and it will all be great. On topic I love the fries at Red Robin I know its a big chain but damn they are good.

  14. The way I feel about you eating fry’s like that really makes my heart go out to you and your family. From a medical point of veiw its not good at all for your health and your blood work spoke for itself on that show. I dont think you really get it! My kids and family mean the most to me and if I had to gag everyday on eating other foods to live and see my son grow up and be around my love ones thats what I would do vs. dying from coronary artery disease which could have been prevented. Its just dishearting. Then you post places to go eat fries…Nice!!!!

    • John,

      The blood work from the show was really skewed. They tested 50 different things in my blood and only three numbers were high. To create drama on the show they focused on those and not the other of course. I have since then started to take supplements to counter act the problem. The show did not go into detail about the actual problem, that I have hypersensitivity to food. I am considered a super taster. I only posted about fires I ate at lunch or dinner…. My portion of food is very small considered to other that eat the fries and also eat a steak or burger. The only reason I started posting was because people always were asking my which fries were the best. My family is also my highest priority. I have totally changed my diet to only eating fries once a week. Which beats most people by far. What made you think I dont care about my family?

  15. Hi I just watched the TLC show on Netflix. My husband has a sensitive sense of smell. He gags easily too. It has taken him years to try new foods. He was always a meat and potato kinda guy. But now he eats salad, broccoli and other veggies. He still doesn’t like peppers. Hang in there. You may even find a new favorite food…my husband did.
    I wanted to ask if you were tested for a zinc deficiency. Low zinc levels are linked to picky eating and a strong sense of taste and smell. I have read about kids whose sense of taste improved after a few weeks of zinc supplements.

  16. Hey dude, just saw you on the show. It’s on Netflix now. I’m glad to see that you’ve cut down the amount of fries and try different foods that you can handle. Seeing that you respond to people is great because it also allows me to see what goes on behind shows. It’s a wonder that everyone believes everything they see. I know that when it comes to medical records, I only receive 2 papers of main bloodwork from the doctors, J.J. was holding a stack. Lol.

    It’s obvious you care about your family and it’s good you know what’s up now and you’re changing to make things better. I’ve found that I’m a ‘Medium Supertaster’. As a child, I was super picky and now, I’ve learned what tastes I can handle. My boyfriend never understands though that chips are the best tastes in the world for. After doing research, it’s the salt apparently that my tastebuds go after.

    You were inspiring man. Keep going and wish you and your family the best! 🙂

    • Corinne,

      You should see the youtube posts. All I can saw is wow. Yeah there is a lot more I wished the show would of shared like the DNA test and why my taste buds are they way they are. It kinda come together once you know the whole story.

      Chips are also my down fall.

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