Mr. Gene’s Dog House


People at work have been ranting about this place and keep trying to get me to go. Well view recently opened a mobile truck and it sometimes parks right next to work. So I decided it was time to try their french fries. Well one thing before I talk about the fries is I love the packaging it reminds me of something I would got if I ordered my fries from a drive in. Now to business the french fries were pretty good. The fries are about a quarter of an inch of thickness with a nice golden color.  One thing I really liked was not a lot of salt on them. Some changes they could benefit from is offer other sizes of fries, they could of also cook them just a tad longer they seemed a little under cooked. Other than that pretty good. Mr. Gene’s dog house gets a 7 out of 10.

Mr. Gene’s Dog House
Mobile Truck
Cincinnati, OH

One Response to “Mr. Gene’s Dog House”

  1. Their brick and mortar store offers the fries in a regular and large sizes. I have had their fries twice from the mobile truck. As far as the undercooked fries… i like mine a little on the crispy side. I have had the fries twice. Once I ordered during their lunch rush it did not seem like they cooked as long as they should have because they were busy. The other time, I went later in the day and they were much better. One other thing I have noticed is they keep their fry basket over fryer with uncooked fries in it. This could allowing the fries to thaw before cooking which is a not good for frozen fries.

    One thing you left out is that they make their fries to order so they are always hot.

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