Penn Station

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Local Penn Station stores will give out free fries on Wednesday, Aug. 17, in honor of the chain’s Customer Appreciation Day.

No purchase is necessary, but dine-in is required. Free fries are available during the restaurants’ regular business hours.

Visit for locations.

I think its about time to add them to the list!

Maloney’s pub

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Maloney’s is a westside classic. Your typical neighbourhood bar. We went here pretty late and to our surprise they were still serving food so I got some fries. They came out really quick and were supper hot. They are your classic krinkle cut french fries. They were a little under done but besides that they were fairly good. I give them a 7 out of 10.

Maloney’ Pub

408 Greenwell Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Joe’s Diner

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Joe’s Diner ever heard of it or seen it? Probably not, this place is tucked away in OTR. We ventured out one night to grab a couple of drinks and saw this retro looking dinner in the ghetto. From the glance of the street I just had to go in. From the outside its like one of those old-time dinners you only see in movies. Once inside I was greeted with a friendly feel of nostalgia. Everything was very retro from the floor to the seats and even to the ceiling fans.

Now on to the french fries. The french fries were actually really good. They were super hot and very lightly salted. They had this breeding on them kinda like fries you would typically get from a sea food restaurant, but that didn’t take away from the goodness that they were. I ate every single last one of them. One funny note was when I ordered a glass of water it came in a mason jar. The menu there was also very original. Joe’s also serves beer and wine which I thought was pretty cool for a small dinner like this. Tons of items unique to Joe’s Diner. If you haven’t been here yet you should definitely try it out. Its worth the trip. Joe’s Diner gets a 9 out of 10 for being tasty and having some funk!

Joe’s Diner
1203 Sycamore Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202-7320
(513) 421-5637

US Bank Arena

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You may be thinking to yourself hey thats not a picture of french fries. So last night I went to go see a hockey game at US Bank Arena. To my admazement I couldn’t find any fries being sold in the place, thats right NO FRIES. Whats up with that? They sell hamburgers why no fries? Thats like selling a hamburger with no bun. Hamburger and fries are ment to go together. This place is starving to stay a float. I mean they sell 1 dollar beers. Who does that I can’t buy a dollar beer at any small local bars. So anyway I circled around the whole arena and had no luck. Most of the food places were closed anyway.  If you go here and order a hamburger do me a favor and complain that they dont serve french fries.

To all fry cookers

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watch the video here “Deep fryer”

I have seen lots of different deep fryers over the years. This one tops the list with the self lifting basket.  It makes perfect french fries every time. Why doesn’t every fast food place have this. You may think yeah whoop t do it lifts the basket. Well it is the end of over done or under done fries. Ever go through the drive through past midnight? It always seems the fries are either over or under done. It all because of human error. They leave the fries in the hot oil even though its beeping away for them to take it out of the grease. This causes bad french fries. Yeah I know they have two workers and can’t make it to the deep fryer on time, so why not have one of these bad boys. Your customers would be a lot more satisfied. Just a thought.

Mr. Gene’s Dog House

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People at work have been ranting about this place and keep trying to get me to go. Well view recently opened a mobile truck and it sometimes parks right next to work. So I decided it was time to try their french fries. Well one thing before I talk about the fries is I love the packaging it reminds me of something I would got if I ordered my fries from a drive in. Now to business the french fries were pretty good. The fries are about a quarter of an inch of thickness with a nice golden color.  One thing I really liked was not a lot of salt on them. Some changes they could benefit from is offer other sizes of fries, they could of also cook them just a tad longer they seemed a little under cooked. Other than that pretty good. Mr. Gene’s dog house gets a 7 out of 10.

Mr. Gene’s Dog House
Mobile Truck
Cincinnati, OH

Steak ‘n Shake

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Steak and shake is one of those places you only seem to visit when you have had a couple drinks and you get hungry. This has to be one of the worst places to work. Always dealing with drunkereds. Their fries are a shoe string style. Not very good but you usually don’t seem to care about them being not the best because you are usually buzzing. I think I have only ate here once before 1am other than that its a late night place. When I went here the fries were ok. I would have to say out of all the shoe string style places they do have the best. Takes notes skyline and even brio. Good and crispy. Steak and shake get a 6.5 out of 10.

Steak ‘n Shake
3835 Race Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45211